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Tis the season for fun with friends, long walks outside, and weekend getaways! I already see my schedule filling up, and while I am excited about what’s ahead – I can see my fuel tank depleting quickly.

I’m sharing a few of my decompression tips – ideal for anytime of year, but especially now as the days warm up and calendars crowd.

  1. Create morning space. Opt for a wake up just 15 minutes before you normally would (even if you try just a couple days a week). Give yourself some extra time to sip coffee slowly and soak in the day. Shift from a hectic hustle to a slow start.
  2. Find some lavender. Lavender oil is magical in any season but particularly useful for a calming effect. Apply a drop or two on your feet before bed or diffuse some throughout the day.
  3. Get some air. When you find yourself caught up – in any busy moment – try and find some outdoor time. Sunlight recharges your serotonin and wakes up the senses.
  4. Fill the tub. For the best source of calm, fill up that bath tub! Choose epsom salts and a drop of lavender or peppermint, and enjoy the healing effects of water.

How do you unwind from the day? Share your tips with me in the comment section below!

Stay calm,

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