Tis the season for sniffles, warm blankets, kleenex and hot tea. With changing seasons and shifting weather, our immune systems can tire out trying to keep up the health fight. Today, I am sharing a few favorite recipes on which I rely for health in the winter season.

Essential Oils

There are many essential oils on which I rely during the winter season. My top three include lavender, peppermint and lemon. Lavender offers a calming effect to tired muscles while peppermint energizes the immune system and opens up breathing passageways when battling congestion. Lemon is a natural antibacterial aid to keep the germs at bay and cleanse the areas around you.

Warm Remedy

Lately, my husband has taken to making his cold remedy in large batches – as everyone around us has the sniffles! Combine honey, sliced ginger, and thinly sliced lemon in a mason jar to keep on hand for the season. Add a few spoonfuls to tea or simply blend with hot water – and enjoy!

Hot Soup

There is nothing as calming as a beautiful soup. Try this carrot and ginger recipe for anti-inflammatory support and a soothing option during the winter months. Simply click on the picture for the recipe.

What are your favorite tips and tricks? Share them with me in the comment section below. Stay healthy and happy, my friends!



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