Last week, Thomas, Hatton and I spent July 4th in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. We were visiting my husband’s family. We relished long days in the pool and beautiful strolls along Deerfield Beach. However – despite my attempts to apply and reapply sunscreen consistently – I still found myself a bit too “crispy” by the end of our trip. It wasn’t until the end of our vacation, while repacking my suitcase, that I found my UV protectant cover up. I somehow threw it into a corner while searching for Hatton’s swimsuit (Lesson 1: pack and unpack more efficiently)! Given my 2:00 a.m. scratching sessions as this sunburn “cools off,” I can assure you…I won’t misplace my UV clothing again!

Thankfully for Hatton, I packed multiple UV protectant shirts and rash guards for her swim time.

One poor assumption I made during our time in Florida: “clouds are here, I’m probably safe.” Cloud cover does not inhibit UV rays. In fact, the precipitation often magnifies their intensity. Even a simple stroll around the block requires UV protection – no matter where we live! I can assure you that for the rest of our summer adventures, I am stocking up on UV products to make certain I am just as well cared for as my feisty two year old.

Below are a few of my newest UV additions. These options are perfect for daytime adventures and poolside chats. Which one is your personal favorite?

Stay sun safe,


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