It’s officially springtime in Charleston – and I’ve got a sun-soaked porch and pollen-covered car to prove it! While I could do without the latter, there is something life giving about the burst of purple azaleas, saturation of green palms, and beauty of a Carolina blue sky.

I’m known in my family as more of a winter gal (bring on the snow boots and chunky sweaters)! Most folks think its because I adore cold weather, and that’s partially true. My favorite thing about winter: fighting the chill with a warm cup of coffee, a can’t-stop-reading novel, and a gigantic blanket.

Of course, it’s a bit more challenging to achieve that in warmer temperatures! However, I’ve recently discovered the joy of springtime pajamas. Lightweight fabric and a generous cut, these pajamas are designed specifically for spring and summer seasons. Experience the same cozy feeling of snuggling up on a chilly Saturday morning, without overheating!

Click on the images below to discover more pajamas for this colorful season!

Happy Spring,



roseshorts ultrasoft striped

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