In my childhood home (where my parents still live,) we had something I called “the seasons window.” The floor to ceiling panes of glass offered a front row seat to a view massive trees showcasing the newest colors of the season. And I could spend hours staring into the distance, as if I was waiting for a leaf to fall and welcome a new time of year.

I consider myself fortunate to have grown up in North Carolina. I was raised in the heart of the foothills, surrounded by 30 foot trees, lush acres of tall grass, and my personal favorite – High Rock Lake. Just an hour west, I could find myself in the midst of snow capped mountains. A few hours east, and I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. So it should came as no surprise to you, my friend, where I find my source of inspiration for all things color.

Whether on a mountain hike in Blowing Rock, an in-shore fishing day on the waters of Ocracoke, or a paddle boarding trip around the sites of my new hometown of Charleston, I relish time in nature. As such, my connection to creation is illustrated in both my home decor and wardrobe. Today, I am sharing with you my go-to colors for Spring (click on the underlined words for examples) that complement a general wardrobe and fill out my otherwise all black closet!

Both my wardrobe and my home are made up of pale hues of blue, loads of white, and an array of neutrals. My love of mountainous terrain and shades of blue skies inspire a kelly green top or cardigan paired with my favorite denim jeans.


Blowing Rock, NC


When I need a spark of bright, I reach for a poignant sky blue and white stripe to balance out dark pants. Alternatively, I often move towards a monochromatic look with a white top and white pants, adding a pop of color in an infinity scarf.


Ocracoke, NC


Pops of coral and yellow balance well against grey denim or dark pants, creating a cohesive and inspired look.


Charleston, SC


What inspires you? Share your favorite colors – and how you fell in love – at

Happy Spring,

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