On my way into the office today, NPR shared a fascinating story that had me in stitches before I reached the parking lot. I listened to some differing opinions on a Wyoming Sheriff’s decision to ban cowboy boots for his entire department. Now, before I continue – something to note. I live in cowboy boots. As a half-Texan, I find great joy in stomping around town in a sassy pair of turquoise kickers. Apparently, these Wyoming folks feel similarly! One long time Deputy chose to retire from his career instead of retiring his boots! As I heard the arguments from both sides, one individual mentioned his commitment to “staying western.” It got me thinking….as a born and raised southerner, what differentiates my closet from my northern neighbor?

In the South, we trade:

mary-janes for flip-flops: If we can’t walk around barefoot, we’ll do just about anything to come close to it. Closed toe shoes are reserved for winter only….flip-flops make their debut as early as March around here!

khaki slacks for camo pants: We don’t reserve our camouflage for hunting trips. It’s a part of our wardrobe, long before casual Friday rolls around.

button downs for t-shirts: No closet is complete without this trust piece. Its purposes are endless. From the beach to date night, we southerners know how to transform the plain white tee.

pencil skirts for denim jeans: We avoid constricting our waist line, mainly for lunch and dinner purposes. Around here, denim jeans achieve the level of fancy we require.


You, our valued customers and treasured family, come to us from all over the United States. What are some of your local fashions? Share them with me at muumuu@shopnational.com!

camo  Jeans-and-a-tshirt.-Yes-please


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