About a month ago, I started adding smoothies into my daily “life routine.” Admittedly at first, it seemed daunting to craft a new smoothie each morning. Between selecting the right greens, fruit and liquid – the over-planned, type a parts of my brain prevented a consistent smoothie regimen.

Then I found Blender Bombs.

Blender Bombs make smoothie crafting simple. The all natural addition to your everyday smoothie has the perfect amount of protein, fiber, and healthy fat. Each morning, I grab a handful of spinach, a few strawberries and coconut milk. Drop in a Blender Bomb, and you’re good to go!

Below are two recipes crafted by the Blender Bomb team – click on the images for more details, and tell me which of these appeals to your breakfast cravings!

What are your favorite smoothie recipes? Share your go-to goodness with me in the comment section below.

Bottoms up,


Orange Crush

Photo Credit: Hushup + Hustle


Banana and NutmegĀ 

Photo Credit: Hushup + Hustle

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