My close friends are familiar with my on-the-go lifestyle. My family knows it all too well, thanks to my grandfather’s similar tendencies. Two hour coffee talks around a project challenge or marketing strategy feel like five minutes in my extroverted world. I’m like a giddy child when exploring a new city, state park, or country.  Indoor cycling, yoga, pilates, and barre remain rainy day favorites while stand-up-paddle boarding, dog walks with Jasper, and driving range dates occupy the plentiful days of southern sun.  Only recently have I started to carve out stillness in my life, due in large part to my bedtime routine.

As your read last week, I covet great sleep and hold all day comfort in high esteem! While my family often ridicules my bedtime regimens, I’ve come to relish the small details of a nighttime “process,” if you will. Today, I’m offering you a glimpse into my “sleepytime routine.” Laugh all you want, my friends, but let me tell you something: routines work!

1. Comfortable Pajamas start the night right. Sometimes, I’m in my favorite pajamas before dinner. My absolute favorites? The UltraSofts Essential Camisole and coordinating panty. Y’all. I’m not kidding. This ensemble is my go-to for a perfect night of sleep. (And I’m willingly admitting it on a public platform, so you know it’s good!)





2.About an hour before bed is my perfect tea time. I’m a sucker for a few minutes with my favorite magazine and a warm cup of tea. Perhaps I long to be British in another time! Always in my pantry: Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea, and Yogi Tea Bedtime TeaNote: avoid decaffeinated coffee if you have trouble sleeping. Even though “decaf,” it has traces of caffeine. This is in contrast to caffeine free teas.

hot tea

3. Clean face, clean feet. I spend a few minutes each night treating my face with a deep clean, gentle exfoliation, and loads of moisturizing. In the sometimes harsh weather conditions of the South, that last part of the routine is critical! And – again, admittedly sharing on a public platform – I wash my feet. Something about a clean face and clean feet allows me to climb in bed feeling calm and complete from a long day of work.



4. Lavender essential oil. This – this is the to bringing a sense of clean calm to our entire bedroom. I sprinkle a bit on my feet, diffuse it in our electronic diffuser, and dab a bit on my pillow. Additionally used for care of wounds and treatment of illness, Lavender is a great supplement to your medicine cabinet.

Product shots fro new catalog at YL farm in Mona


5. Lights off. Mask on. Now this one may be the most widely ridiculed in my family, but it’s also (possibly) my favorite part. My Tempur-Pedic sleep mask is like an extra pillow to my face, adding softness while blocking ambient light. And I must admit – it’s a trait I picked up in our marriage, as my husband has used one for decades!

sleep mask

Of course, more important than all the routines combine are the beautiful reminders of the gift I’ve been given in another day of life. Jasper’s big snout offers a last kiss on the cheek before bed, and the sound of a sweet “I love you” from my husband serves as a reminder of what’s truly important in this world. It’s not the stuff that surrounds us – or even the routines – that make perfect sleep. It’s closing our eyes with a sense of gratitude and great expectation for what tomorrow will bring…

Sweet dreams my friend,


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