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All around the office, women are a buzz – and aglow – thanks to Amy Greeson’s skin care line, Seek Beauty. We fell head over heels for her product, and decided to launch beauty and skin care as its own category on!

Next week, you’ll hear more about Amy’s passion for health and journey with Seek Beauty. Today, I’m excited to share a brief introduction to her incredible background in research and commitment to holistic health.


Q: What first inspired you to research the skin care space?

A: In the 1990’s I began exploring natural medicine. As a traditionally trained pharmacist, we were not taught much about this in school; however, I realized as time went on that a great majority of our prescription medications had their origins from nature. In 2006 I started a non-profit, Healing Seekers whose mission was to explore remote areas of the world and create educational materials. In 2008, I began a company that collected plants and natural specimens and brought them back to the USA for researchers to study. The purpose was to find cures for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Diabetes, etc. It was only when we met a holistic practitioner in South America who raved about a plant/ fruit that had remarkable ability to ‘heal the skin and make the skin youthful’ that we thought about skin care. I was especially drawn to the fact that the practitioner claimed the treatment to ‘heal the skin cells’ and that because of this, the skin became younger and healthier.


Q: What is your line most predominately used for? (Are there specific skin types, ages, etc?)

A: The cream and serum are both for diminishing the signs of aging. People continuously confirm that they improve the fine lines and wrinkles and also lessen dark spots and other areas. The first thing that we hear constantly is that after the first application, when the face is washed in the morning, there is a difference in the moisture and softness of the skin.

Even though we did not consider it, several women have told us about using the products on sun-damaged areas like on the chest with great results.

Because these ingredients have been used in Latin America and also in North America, they have done very well with all skin types and ethnicities. Our products are for women and men; which is lovely.


Q: What makes this specific product unique among others in the industry?

The first thing is that our products are the only products in the world to have achachairu ( the fruit). We have been working with the practitioner, mentioned above, and importing this to the US for over 5 years; testing, researching and developing in various laboratories.

So many products simply use the same ingredients and vary the creams and serums slightly to create a brand. Our products are frontrunners in the world; created after our companies’ missions of finding newer and better solutions.

Our products are made in the USA; specifically right here in NC; so although we are importing the primary ingredients, we are working with scientists, researchers and production facilities in the USA for everything from laboratory analysis to bottles and labels.


Q: If you could offer a few easy pointers on using this product, what would they be?

If you are using the Age-Defying Cream ( #591) alone; wash and dry face. Apply a small amount to entire face and neck and gently rub in. In the morning, wash and dry face. It’s a wonderfully easy product to use.

If you are using both the spot treatment/ serum:

At night, after washing and drying your face, apply the Age-Defyng Spot Treatment/ Serum (#593) to special areas that you would like to target (for example, wrinkles around the mouth, or to a dark spot). Apply this thinly, rub in gently and allow to dry. 

Next, apply a thin layer of the Age-Defying Cream (#591) all over the face (and neck if you would like) and gently rub into skin. In the morning, wash and dry face as normal.

Some people use the products during the day, which is fine. We encourage the evening treatments so that the products have time to be absorbed and in contact with the skin (and not have make-up, etc. placed on top of the products). 


Q:  What are you most excited about in the launch of this product on‘s site?

Teaming with has been a wonderful gift. We are honored to be a part of the National family. We believe that it was a natural course to team with a company which was built upon and continues to stand upon integrity and honesty, a company that places ultimate priority on the satisfaction and needs of their customers. It is the same philosophy we have created our company around. I became a pharmacist and then an explorer to find medicinal therapies to make others’ lives better and more joyful. At the end of the day and at the end of your life, you want to know that you contributed something beautiful. I also deeply believe in Divine Intervention, and truly our relationship with was birthed by something much greater than us.





Getting to know Amy has been a true privilege. Many thanks, Amy, for your time and valuable insight! Come back next week for a deeper dive into Seek Beauty’s company vision, products, and team. For now, check out some pretty incredible before and after shots below from a Seek Beauty user.
Cheers to health,
Before                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 After

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