I love speed. Driving through the North Carolina countryside, windows down and music up, makes me feel alive, and always connects me to my granddad (from whom I received that love of driving fast). Over the years, I’ve made a concerted effort to trade in my speeding tickets for workouts. Running fit the bill for quite some time, until my joints could no longer bare the strain. In need of another heart pumping exercise that offered low impact, I went in search of a fun and effective exercise.

Insert my very first indoor cycling class. At the time, I was living in Vancouver, BC and figuring out where I fit into a mega active city. After hearing amazing things from a dear friend and coworker, I was following her into a small room of about 25 bikes for my first class. The instructor and studio owner, Mike, welcomed us to the class. As I scanned the room, I realized it was one of the first workout experiences I’d had that included people of varied ages and fitness levels. I knew, in that moment, we were together – as a team – for a common goal. And with a new level of confidence and connection, I loaded the gear and rode.

I went in search of a radical cardio workout and great connection with friends. Thanks to Mike’s heartfelt commitment to students and inspirational coaching, I left accomplished, encouraged, and ready to sign up for class number two. Since that day three years ago, I’ve lost count of my Spin® classes and received my instructor certification. In July, I started teaching in Charleston, SC and have had the privilege of learning from and coaching individuals of all ages and experience levels.

Within my cycling journey, I have tried a number of different class types, and I offer three key things to look for when choosing your first Spinning® experience!

  • Identify a certified studio with a focus on strong teacher training. Indoor cycling is designed to mimic road cycling. Anything you would not do on the road outside does not show up on a bike inside. Find certified and safe, Spinning® classes by looking for the Spinning® logo at the studio you choose.
  • logo_spinningStart with foundational energy zones. The Spinning® program includes several different energy zones, including recovery, endurance, strength, interval, and race day. By calling the studio in advance or researching online, you can find the class that works for you. Start in between recovery and strength for several weeks to build your Spinning® foundation.


  • Connect with your instructor. Share your health goals. Identify injuries you carry. The more communication you have with the person leading the class, the more tailored your workout will be.

Take a break from the road, and find a class you’ll adore! Share your fitness journey with me at muumuu@shopnational.com!


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photo credit: Alice Keeney Photography 

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