It’s that time of year when you can grab some great looking outfits at super low prices!! I love it when I’m ready to go shopping and my favorite catalog or online retailer is having a huge sale. You can grab some great deals this time of year if you know what to spend your money on and what you should pass up. Here’s some shopping tip every girl should know when shopping January sales:

1. Look for timeless trends: While it may seem like a good idea to test out some more trendy styles at great deals, just remember that you may only get one more year out of that trend. You are better off purchasing timeless pieces you can wear for many season to come. Also look for transitional layering items that you can wear into spring.
2. Don’t purchase just because it’s a steal: Make sure you ask yourself, “Would I buy this full price?” If your answer is “no”, than it might end up sitting in your closet and not getting much wear.
3. Size is everything: Don’t purchase it if it doesn’t fit your size now. How many time do you purchase items in hope that you will lose that 10 lbs. and it will fit perfectly?
4. Compare value: Focus on value more than the price point? Make sure that just because the price is good that you’re still getting quality items. I prefer to stick with only brands I know and trust.
5. Stock up on Shoes: Don’t forget footwear. This is a great time to purchase shoes and tuck them away for next season. You can be confident that shoe trends don’t change as much as apparel.



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