A few hours into the work day, my sweet tooth shifts into high gear. Momma knows that when lunch is over, we have one stop to make before heading back to the office. On today’s edition of For the Love of Lexington, I’m taking you to my absolute favorite sweet shop in America – The Candy Factory!




Near the center of town, you’ll find The Candy Factory in the circa 1890 Lexington Hardware building. The red and white awning is a nod to Piedmont Candy Company, a manufacturer of peppermint candy sticks and mint puffs, which launched The Candy Factory’s homemade goodness. In July of 1978, Robert Ebelein, a second generation candy maker and owner of Piedmont Candy Company, began to sell his sweet concoctions (most notably his peanut brittle and fudge!) from the retail space in the front of the plant. His handiwork grew the business quickly…really quickly. In the Fall of 1979, he and his wife purchased the Hardware building and opened what is now The Candy Factory.




In addition to vintage road signs and rare board games, The Candy Factory boasts cases of homemade truffles, chocolate dipped oreos and pretzels, and Red Bird mints – a Lexington original. Pick up a container of your choice, and walk the aisles of wooden buckets, filled to the brim with sugared fruits, taffy, licorice and more. Of course, if you’re browsing with me as your guide, we make one stop: the chocolate case.





37 years later, The Candy Factory still provides homemade fudge, peanut brittle, and hard-to-find candy. In addition to cases of delicious truffles and chocolate covered treats, The Candy Factory offers an array of sugar free options (my grandmother’s absolute favorites!) So the next time you’re driving through town and find yourself craving homemade fudge, take the Lexington exit. We’ve got you covered (with sprinkles!)



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