I read this article “Fashion After 50: What’s Old is New Again” about reworking your closet every year. In it Susan Good talks about getting rid of those items she hasn’t worn in a year and “treasures” that she will never get rid of, because she knows they’ll come back in style. She talks about classic pieces that will always have their place in your closet. From purses to wide belts, embroidery to wraps, here are some of my favorite pieces, and at 20% off plus FREE shipping, it’s time to stock up on styles that will keeping you looking stylish for years to come.

What are your “treasures” and why? We’d love to see those pieces you just can’t get rid of.

Stone Mountain Leather Bag

Stone Mountain USA, Vintage Leather Bag


Stylish and functional Nickel Belt

Antique Nickel Belt


Interlock Knit Cardigan

UltraSofts® Embroidered Open-Front Cardigan


Stylish, Knit Cape Poncho by Focus 2000

Knit Cape Poncho

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