It is 77 degrees and sunny. Y’all. Spring is here!

All too often, I find myself caught up in a slew of emails and a few voicemails to return before I’ve had time to sip my coffee. But the demands of motherhood have further impressed upon me the critical necessity of slowing down and connecting with those we love.

Watching Hatton spend time with her grandmother is such a gift. And now, as a mother myself, taking that time to (literally) stop and smell the roses is of ever increasing importance. Recently, we enjoyed a sunny afternoon at my home in Wilmington with my (11 month old!!) daughter.

My mom and I love nothing more than sitting on my front porch watching the world go by. And we prefer to do so in comfort and style. On this sunny day, Mom selected National’s side button sweater, UltraSofts side button pants and an infinity scarf. I opted for my favorite shade of blue in a relaxed fitting shirt and drawstring pants.

What do you enjoy wearing on these bright and happy days?

For the roses,




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