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Are you in need of a revitalization of your favorite space? Most people refer to it as spring cleaning. I prefer a spring refresh!  Today, hear from Whitney Walker of Farrington Lane, as she walks you through simple steps that will bring life to your living space! 


Q: How do you find inspiration for a room? 

A: I don’t always know where I will find inspiration or where exactly a project will start, but when I see it I know it in my gut. I start with one element that serves as my color palette and the center of the design – it is usually a piece of art, a rug, a textile, a fabulous china pattern, a particular place, or on rare occasion a piece of furniture. I don’t like my starting point to be too simple; it is usually the most detailed or intricate part of the design overall so that it gives me the most amount of freedom with direction for the client. I would say most of the time my starting point is a textile!

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Q: How do you identify the most “bang for your refresh buck?” I mean…where do I start? 

A: To start I would think about the feeling you are wanting to get when you walk in the room. Are you wanting to feel energized? Relaxed? Organized? Chic? Playful? If you can pinpoint exactly what it is that you are wanting from the room, it will help you make better decisions and give you direction with your refresh approach. Once you have that figured out, I would start thinking about the function of the room and any pain-points it has. What are those things you always wish you had a place for, or an activity you wish you had an area for, or a habit that you just can’t break? Think about how you can solve those problems with better functionality. Lastly, I would ditch anything that isn’t beautiful or useful (wise words of William Morris, not my own).


Q: I have the pieces I love, but something’s missing. Where can I start? 

A: I would say this is where you want to add some unexpected elements that really pop. This could be an amazing statement light fixture, a vibrant luxurious throw for a pop of color, an unusual oversized piece of art, a layered rug, or a few live plants with really great texture. This is the layer than can really elevate a space from simply cohesive to impressive.

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Q: I don’t want to shop for brand new pieces. What can I do with what I have to achieve significant change without impacting my wallet?

A: Take inventory of all of the pieces you already own and start to re-imagine the way you can use them. I find it especially helpful to draw your floor plan and use paper furniture cut-outs to play with different arrangements and find new ways to use your space. It is a little old school, but it has helped me break through some creative ruts and I recently totally changed the way my own master bedroom flows using this method (and didn’t spend a dime….yet). You would be surprised how different that one piece that you have used in the same spot for years can look on the opposite side of the house with different accessories around it.

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photo credit: Adrienne Breaux

So, armed with Whitney’s expertise, are you ready to refresh your favorite space? Share what you’re implementing in your home at muumuu@shopnational.com, and visit with Whitney for even more insight!

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