Let’s be honest. When you’re trying to eat healthy, salads become the go-to and quickly become boring. Today, I am sharing a few ways I reimagine the traditional salad in hopes of bringing you out of the doldrums of green and into the joy of color!

  1. Make it crunchy. I’m a sucker for berries atop my salads. I’ve taken the sweet tendencies a step further and added candied pecans to my traditional blueberry and strawberry salad. For even more crunch, consider a savory granola blend and honey-infused goat cheese. You’ll find the bottom of the bowl pretty quickly – I promise!
  2. Make it colorful. Salads don’t have to be filled with lettuce. Consider a base of cabbage and shredded carrots with sliced beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, black beans, and anything your palette desires. The more color you add, the more nutrients you’ll have!
  3. Make it wilted. One of my favorite tricks of the salad trade – sauteeting sliced sweet potatoes and topping the salad immediately with the searing hot veggies. Mixing cold greens with a warm protein or sautéed veggie will give you a beautifully wilted salad ideal for dinner time (or anytime in my book!)
  4. Make it plentiful. Try out a protein packed salad by adding steak, poached eggs, avocado and more. (For ideas, click on the image above!)

How do you change up your healthy eating routines? Share tips and tricks with me in the comment section below!

Stay green,


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