Throughout the last year, I have noticed colorful cans of water sprinkled throughout my friends’ homes, on a few shelves of the grocery, and of course…in the hands of celebrities. But I could not understand the phenomenon…well until I tried one myself.  One sip of a peach flavored La Croix, and I was hooked.

This week, I’m recovering from a quick and easy knee surgery. Prior to getting settled in for recovery, my (wonderful and patient) husband ran to the store and stocked up – big time – on my must-have beverage.

So what’s so cool about La Croix? Let me tell you, friends!

  • Just the can alone makes you think you’re sipping something fancy in the middle of the Caribbean. Sign me up!
  • Each can contains blissful sparkling water devoid of artificial flavoring or sodium (healthy option for the win!)
  • Let’s be honest. I don’t reach for plan H2O nearly enough. La Croix helps me stay hydrated by making water fun!
  • A 12 pack of La Croix ranges anywhere between $2.99 and $4.99, depending on the store you choose.

So there you have it! Pretty, tasty, healthy, and affordable make these drinks a great substitution for soda and the perfect base for refreshing cocktails. Click on the images below for added flavor and fun to your La Croix!

Cheer my friend,



LAC_WEB_RecipePage_400X400KR LAC-400X400-Sans-Gria1 bb croix ginger fizz

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