As with every close to a year, there is much to ponder. I tend to reflect on decisions I’ve made, places I’ve explored, people I met and to those whom I’ve said so long to for now. It’s hard to forget ALL of the unexpected events that came along in which I managed to live through. I think about how I came out ahead, barely dodged situations, and inevitable paths I had to take, thinking quietly to myself, “It will pass, just be still.” Can you relate to any of these life events in 2018? I suspect we could be here all day, adding many thoughts onto paper, huh? LOL

I always aim to look ahead. There is light over the horizon. It is with anticipation that I set goals both simplistic and more challenging. I will explore new places, meet new people, try new foods, step out on more faith, create new pathways, AND…

…fall in love again with seamless style. Don’t the possibilities get you excited? What will be the new allure? Which classic styles will be revisited? How will designers mix in a new color for 2019? I can hardly wait to add the answers.

In my review of the upcoming marketplace, I was introduced to an inspiring new color – ‘Living Coral’. This hue spans the industry with many styling concepts. It promises to energize and uplift, giving you a softer edge with natural beauty. I realize we are still enjoying our warmer knits and boy am I a fan. Nothing is better than cuddly fabrics and earthy tones. I also believe it is good practice to peer into the fashion world for an upcoming season. Ladies, it starts here!

So, I say affectionately, be still, enjoy where you are right at this moment. As you relish in the gorgeous colors and styles to come, remember – you can rely on National to keep you dressed in the classics and on trend. Be inspired with a touch of Living Coral:

Living Coral Horizon (photo courtesy of Pantone®)


ake on the day with our soft knit cardigan sweater.

Coral Cardigan by UltraSofts®


Designed to coordinate with our UltraSofts® bottoms, our UltraSofts®

Coral Border Tee by UltraSofts®


Be ready for whatever the day brings with our exceptionally comfortable pull-on pants featuring a gentle-stretch elastic waistband and side-seam pockets.

Elastic-Waist Interlock Pull-On Pants


Made from exceptionally soft fabric that drapes beautifully, this UltraSofts®

Coral Vest from


Dance Party in Living Coral (photo courtesy of Pantone®)


Be a reflection of your own bright and beautiful,



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