My grandmother offered me a beautiful gift when I came into the world – her sweet tooth! When I arrived at her home after school, I was greeted with a gigantic hug and a Hershey’s bar. The rest of our afternoons were filled with epic battles of Go Fish and her favorite Shirley Temple movies.

Nowadays, I cannot be in the vicinity of chocolate without consuming at least three (ok…maybe five) pieces. However, in recent years, I have tried to find alternatives to the sweeter options in life. Fear not – I still reach for my trusty milk chocolate now and then. I’ve also added these delights (which can be found at Earth Fare, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods) to my “chocolate repertoire,” allowing me to indulge…well…a little more often!

Raw Vegan Cocoa Truffles

These are the perfect snack to have on hand for those middle-of-the-day cravings. With only a few truffles per pack, you’ll satisfy that chocolate need with a nutritious substitute that tastes even better than a candy bar (no. I’m serious!)


Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

A tablespoon of this goodness lands perfectly on raisin bread for breakfast, a banana for a snack, or right off the spoon. Stock up – you’ll empty a jar quickly!


Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate

Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate is my number one splurge. Just one square keeps that sweet tooth at bay. Additionally, it is available in a dark chocolate recipe which has proven nutritional benefits (for real!)


lindt dark

What are some of your favorite after dinner (or breakfast!) delights? Send your must-haves to and you just might see your finds here!

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