As a young gal growing up in the world of retail, I hopped on the fashion train way too early. Despite my efforts to destroy any evidence of some of my early fashion choices, hints of my styling efforts creep up every now and then. Thankfully, I have found the straight and narrow of the styling world – in other words, I know how to work a closet! Check back each week for glimpses of my favorite fabrics, colors, and go-to styling tips!

Holiday Gift Ideas at National

December is upon us! How did it happen? I feel like I put away our Halloween costumes last night. Well…perhaps I did, because, as a new mom, organization is not at the top of my priority list. I prefer to spend all the free time I can muster with my 6 month old baby girl and do my best to simplify the rest of life.

Here at National, our team has worked diligently to do the same for you by compiling some of our favorite products into an easy-to-navigate Holiday Gift Guide! A few of my favorites are listed below. Simply click on the image to see more information. Peruse our entire gift guide here, and take the hustle and bustle out of your holiday season!

Happy gifting,



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The Hunt for a Christmas Tree

Every year, we spend our Thanksgiving holiday with family in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. And every year…we walk Dotson’s Nursery to find the very best Christmas tree for our home. For years, I’ve envisioned celebrating this special occasion with little ones by our side. This year, after a very long wait, we introduced our daughter to our favorite family tradition.

We are not the family that selects the first tree in sight. We are the family that takes a tiny six month old child to the very top of the hill in pursuit of what will be her very first tree. My husband makes certain all interior branches are healthy, green and full. I do the 360 degree review for possible gaps in branches, fullness in coverage, and general quality control of course. And…after a lot of walking (and curious glances from our daughter)…we’ve found it!

Whenever I watch the nursery owners cut down the tree, I stumble back into childlike wonder…excited for tree trimming to come and memories that will be made beneath the soft glow of our tree. This year, that wonder feels all the more palpable as we introduce our daughter to new traditions.

What are you excited to celebrate this season? Share your traditions with me in the comment section below!

Cheers to Christmas,

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Bundled Up in Boucle

It’s sweater weather, friends! Today, I am bundled up for the winter in my favorite sweater fabrication….boucle! Boucle sweaters are extra soft thanks to two strands of yarn looped together, making a perfectly plush and warm addition to your closet.

In 1954, Coco Chanel brought fame and attention to this fabric when she constructed a suit jacket and paired her design with a wrap-around skirt. Since then, it’s been tweaked, copied, adored and reimagined.

ShopNational carries an array of boucle sweaters, just the right weight and warmth for this time of year. Shop some of my favorite options by clicking the images below, or visit us online to peruse all of our sweaters!

Stay cozy,


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Swooning over Socks

This past weekend brought our first 32 degree night and with it, sock feet by the fireplace. With Thanksgiving week upon us, I am eagerly awaiting late nights in the living room with our families – curled up with hot tea and fuzzy blankets….and my favorite socks.

I always look forward to the holidays, because ShopNational releases a line of novelty socks and selections from World’s Softest – one of our brand partners! In addition to our staple items like our Suprima Sock and Cotton Plus Comfort Sock, we carry a number of styles idyllic for extra warmth while lounging at home or sleeping at night. Shop my favorites for the holidays by clicking on the images below!

Stay snuggly,


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Getting into the Little Black Dress

We all know it’s coming. And we certainly can’t escape it.



Dressing up.

And that little. black. dress.

Today, I am covering a topic we simply love to avoid but walk through every day. We spend hours selecting just the right dress. We peruse rows on rows of complementary accessories. We slip in and out of thirteen pairs of shoes before landing in the most (comfortable) stylish options.

But – if you’re anything like me – you’re glazing over the very important and not-so-fun necessities of what goes on underneath the dress!

Trying to find seamless and flattering intimates can be a daunting task. Thankfully, ShopNational has an array of products with varied fit to provide the right amount of support without sacrificing comfort. When I am wearing a more fitted dress, I opt for a high waisted panty with tummy control. (This gives me room to eat a little bit more at a Thanksgiving table, of course!) Especially while nursing my little one, I prefer a bra without underwire but generous in support.

Intimates are such a personal purchase, and we know the right items are often difficult to find. If you have any challenges selecting what’s best for you, call our fit experts in Customer Service at 1-800-480-4673.

Look through our fit guidelines and many selections to find the best option for you by clicking on the images below!

Happy dressing,


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Cuddling up with Cuddl Duds

This past weekend, we got our first taste of true crisp weather, as my cousin celebrated her wedding on a farm in eastern North Carolina. A cold front had all of us bundled up on the back porch with a roaring fire and steaming hot coffee.

Sunday morning, I woke up to find my mother decked to the nines in her favorite ShopNational Cuddl Duds. Without a moment of hesitation, I shouted “where did you find those? I need them all!” (Clearly I’d not perused the site as of late!) The fabric combination is luxurious. The colors are soft. The fit is idyllic. The style is versatile. Just a few of the many reasons we love this brand!

I find Cuddl Duds the easiest style to wear for either lounging around the house or making a quick run to the store. Below are some of my favorite styles for this season – all available at ShopNational.

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Halloween Traditions Continued

I grew up in a family that went all out for Halloween. My Grandfather had extraordinary costumes every year. National welcomed each and every employee in full Halloween decor and – to this day – celebrates the holiday with cupcakes and fanfare in our front lobby. But, without question, the best part of that magical day: family themed costumes.

My grandfather, Eddie Smith, as Elvis

As a child, I eagerly anticipated our family themed costumes. For a few years, my father got his lifelong wish and lead our neighborhood hay rides as Zorro – (play) sword and all. One year, he dressed as Prince Eric and carried me – the Little Mermaid – door to door. Even though I was clearly old enough to walk, he refused to let us break character. But it was my first Halloween memory that remains my favorite family themed costume: The Wizard of Oz.

This year, we started our first family themed Halloween as “A Barrel of Monkeys,” symbolizing a favorite game I played frequently as a child. As long as Hatton will let us, we plan on coordinating themes for many years to come!

What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions? Do you have themed costumes to share? Tell us more in the comment section below!

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Lounging in Softness | Robes for Fall

On those crisp fall mornings of my childhood, I can still remember the pleasant alarm clock of sizzling bacon and eggs making its way into my bedroom. I would throw on my plushy slippers and make my way downstairs to find my mother sipping her coffee and enjoying a slow morning in her cozy robe.

Here I am, two decades later, with my own daughter and my own plushy robe…sipping coffee and prepping bottles for the day. I somehow associate that robe with adulthood…as if I’ve arrived, and I now get my very own “mom uniform.” Last year, I purchased a fleece tie robe from ShopNational.com and have essentially lived in it during these first few months of Hatton’s life. Now in search of something a bit more “mailbox run” suitable, I am perusing new arrivals and our most popular items from a great selection of cozy robes!

Click on the images below to see some of my favorites. Which one would you pick?


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Tunic Styles for Fall

Photo Credit: The Travel Channel 

Another week below 65 degrees – can I get a hallelujah and an amen? It has been such fun pulling my favorite pieces each day for fall. This morning, I searched high and low for my favorite black leggings – only to realize they have yet to emerge from the laundry pile (new mom alert!)

In an effort to look (somewhat) presentable for the day, I retrieved another favorite – dark jeans and a tunic. This look is simple, colorful, and versatile for the changing weather in the Carolinas. I typically pair a long tunic with straight jeans or leggings and accessorize with a long statement necklace or infinity scarf. Below are a few of my favorite styles, just in and available now, at ShopNational.com. Click on the images to find out more!

How do you style tunics? What are your go-to colors for fall? Share more with me in the comment section below!

Happy Monday,

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Accessorizing with Scarves


The temperature today in North Carolina…it’s below 50 degrees! Almost overnight, fall has descended upon us and I am thrilled!

In case you didn’t know, this season is my favorite. As the leaves brighten into shades of orange and yellow, our scorching summers dissipate beneath the cool breeze of October. My calendar fills up with plans for the holidays, and everything around our home smells of pumpkin.

Yesterday, I shifted my warm weather clothes to the back of my closet and pulled all of my scarves (and there are many) up front! I love the flexibility of scarves, both open and infinity. Some of my favorite styling options include:

Doubled Up or Draped

Infinity scarves can often be doubled for a chunky look atop any neckline style you choose. In warmer climates, consider pairing a scoop or v-neck shirt with the looped once, draping almost like a long necklace.

Opened or Knotted

Open scarves offer so many styling options! Wear tight around the neck like a choker or knot at the bottom for an elegant and sophisticated look.


Click on the above image to shop available styles at ShopNational.com. What are your favorite ways to accessorize this season? Share your ideas with me in the comment section below!

Happy fall,


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