As a young gal growing up in the world of retail, I hopped on the fashion train way too early. Despite my efforts to destroy any evidence of some of my early fashion choices, hints of my styling efforts creep up every now and then. Thankfully, I have found the straight and narrow of the styling world – in other words, I know how to work a closet! Check back each week for glimpses of my favorite fabrics, colors, and go-to styling tips!

Accessorizing with Scarves


The temperature today in North Carolina…it’s below 50 degrees! Almost overnight, fall has descended upon us and I am thrilled!

In case you didn’t know, this season is my favorite. As the leaves brighten into shades of orange and yellow, our scorching summers dissipate beneath the cool breeze of October. My calendar fills up with plans for the holidays, and everything around our home smells of pumpkin.

Yesterday, I shifted my warm weather clothes to the back of my closet and pulled all of my scarves (and there are many) up front! I love the flexibility of scarves, both open and infinity. Some of my favorite styling options include:

Doubled Up or Draped

Infinity scarves can often be doubled for a chunky look atop any neckline style you choose. In warmer climates, consider pairing a scoop or v-neck shirt with the looped once, draping almost like a long necklace.

Opened or Knotted

Open scarves offer so many styling options! Wear tight around the neck like a choker or knot at the bottom for an elegant and sophisticated look.


Click on the above image to shop available styles at ShopNational.com. What are your favorite ways to accessorize this season? Share your ideas with me in the comment section below!

Happy fall,


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The Active Look of Fall

(Photo Credit: The Travel Channel)

With brisk air cooling off my morning walks and tempting me into sunset strolls, I find myself spending a good part of my day in casual wear! Today’s elegant selections in leisurewear afford comfort and style – all in one easy-to-combine look.

When I shop for pieces to complement my active lifestyle, I look for three specific things in my ideal selection:

Comfort – If I am going to wear something from morning to night, it must be comfortable. I look at the fabric content, silhouette, and fit to make certain it is best suited for all day wear!

Versatility – I love a piece that can transition from a casual look to “all dolled up” for a dinner date. To exist in my closet, it must easily pair with workout leggings and beautiful slacks.

Style – It almost goes without saying. The right piece needs an element of flair that makes it something extra special. Consider something with a specialty neckline, asymmetrical hem, embellishment, or other fun details!

Below are a few of my go-to pieces for more active days. What are your favorites and how do you style them? Share with me in the comment section below.

Happy trails,


UltraSofts Drawstring Cowl Neck Tunic


Trapeze Tunic by Simply Noelle


Touch of Heaven Tunic Sweater by Softwear by Swann

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Pink and Gray – Here to Stay!

Pink and gray is a classic color combination that never goes out of style, and one that you can wear all year-round. While you may think of jewel tones like Black Cherry and Vivid Teal as traditional colors for fall, pastels are all the rage this year. According to the Pantone color report for Fall 2017, the top 10 colors from the designer runways include Ballet Slipper, a pale pink, and Neutral Gray.

Wearing pink and gray together is easy. Gray is one of the most versatile colors and makes a great foundation for your wardrobe.  Every woman should have a pair of gray pants or a gray skirt that she can pair with a pink shirt or sweater, or try layering a pretty pink shirt under a gray sweater or vest. Check out this article on Popsugar for additional ideas on how to wear pink and gray.

Don’t limit yourself to just wearing pink and gray. You can also use pink and gray when decorating your house. Pairing pink and gray is one of the hottest interior design trends for 2017.

Here are a few of my favorite pink and gray fashion finds:

UltraSofts® Stripe Knit Top


Striped Sweater by National®


Maxi Knit Skirt by National®


Long Sweater Vest by National®


UltraSofts® Lace Trim Top




Classic Cardigan Sweater by National®




What is your favorite pink and gray look? Share it with us!

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Modest Clothing Is Back in a Big Way

When it comes to the fashion cycle, they say that if something was in style once, it will come back into style eventually (even hair scrunchies). After years of shorter and shorter hemlines and tighter and tighter clothing, dressing modestly is finally back in style.

From longer hemlines and full sleeves, to looser shapes and higher necklines, modest clothing is seeing a huge resurgence in popularity.

Although people usually associate conservative dressing with older women, this new modest fashion trend is being driven by younger women who want to look fresh and modern, while not showing too much skin. To meet the demand for trendy but modest clothing, there are a number of online clothing stores catering to younger women, like Sweet Salt Clothing, ModLi, Mikarose, and Dainty Jewell’s. For millennials who want to look elegant and stylish while still being covered up, they now have ladies like Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and fashionista Olivia Palermo as inspiration.

While modest clothing is more popular than ever with the younger generation, dressing conservatively appeals to women of all ages. Many women choose to dress modestly for religious reasons, which is why the modest fashion trend is extremely popular with Mormons, Orthodox Jews, and Muslims. But women dress modestly for a multitude of reasons. Some women dress modestly because they find it empowering; they are tired of receiving negative attention for wearing a short skirt. Other women dress traditionally for professional reasons; they want to be taken seriously at work. Then there are some women who dress modestly simply for comfort.

Let’s face it, the bare midriffs, too-short skirts, and “bodycon” bandage dresses you see on the fashion runways have no practical place in the average woman’s wardrobe, which is why the modest fashion trend is so refreshing. At National® we have modest clothing that is comfortable and generously cut. It’s clothing you can wear every day in your real life.

When it comes to dressing, I have always believed in looking lady-like and not wearing anything too revealing. I also am a big believer in dressing for comfort, but that doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy. You can look chic and stylish while still being covered up.

Here are a few of my favorite modest looks:

Wanderlust Tunic

Wanderlust Print Tunic by Simply Noelle®


Enjoy the all-natural comfort of 100% cotton denim with our Embroidered Bell Sleeve Dress.

Embroidered Bell Sleeve Dress by National®

This women's tunic shirt has long sleeves, dropped shoulders, and a stylish shark-bite hem.

Striped Cowl Neck Tunic by Allie & Rob®

A fresh interpretation of a traditional customer favorite, our Tiered Denim Skirt provides a beautiful foundation for any outfit.

Tiered Denim Skirt by National®


100% cotton flannel brushed for softness, this women's tunic shirt has a round neckline with a button placket, long sleeves with button cuffs, and forward shoulders.

Mad for Plaid Tunic by National®


It's the details that make this Heathered Tunic extra special.

Heathered Tunic by Simply Noelle®


This women's dress features a flattering inverted pleat and princess seams on the front, curved pouch pockets, ¾-length sleeves, and a rounded neckline.

Wear-Ever-You-Go Knit Dress by UltraSofts®


What are your favorite modest clothing looks? What does dressing modestly mean to you?

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5 Things My Mom Taught Me About Fashion

As a young child, I recall standing in my mother’s closet – somewhat in awe. I would slip my tiny feet into her black high heels and drape a long strand of faux pearls around my neck. I can remember clacking into the kitchen thinking I’d never looked better. From a very early age, I admired my mother’s elegant and bold sense of style.

Now, as a new mom to a baby girl, I am trying to redefine my style choices to include simple and easy-to-wear looks. I find myself relying on some principles I gleaned early on in life. Today, I am sharing my top five fashion tips – all taken from growing up with one chic Mama!

1. When in doubt, start with neutrals.

Maintaining a simple look often requires me to fall back on neutrals. No fuss selections include solid black shirts paired with denim jeans or khaki slacks, and a neutral scarf to add some flair.

UltraSofts Side Pocket Tunic

2. Accessories can make (or break) a look.

With a long necklace, choose simple stud earrings. With a scoop or v-neck shirt, opt for a statement necklace or long drop earrings. And of course – a scarf ( my mother’s staple accessory) is seasonally appropriate anytime of year!

Infinity Scarf

3. Never fear color.

My mother weaves color seamlessly into her wardrobe. If new to the color game, consider bringing it into your look through shoes or accessories against a neutral base. Alternatively, pair simple pants with a patterned or solid color shirt. Not sure if a color suits your skin tone? Start simple – shades of blue, green and purple often cool colors that work well with all complexions!

Mad for Plaid Flannel Tunic

4. Layers flatter every figure.

A long tank top, fitted leggings and a flared tunic – feels like my mother’s staple look and one I absolutely adore. Consider layering your look, both for comfort and for style points! Remember, you can layer a longer shirt, such as our lace trimmed tank, beneath a blouse or sweater for added style without the hassle.

Stylish Fringe Wrap

5. Confidence is your best fashion staple.

Fashion is fun! Never let yourself become confined by rules. Instead choose items that make you feel like your best self, because you are your greatest look!

What are some of your “fashion best practices,” and who most inspires your sense of style? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below!


Happy styling,


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What would you buy with $500?

Have you entered our Fall Shopping Spree? You should! Takes less than a minute. We’d love to know what your big buys would be. Sweaters or Loungers? Tops or flannel pjs? With $500 you could shop the whole online store. Check out all our new items and register to win our $500 Fall Sweeps!  Register now at shopnational.com

Fall Sweeps $500


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My Favorite New Looks for Fall

According to the news, Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is almost here, which is a sure sign that fall is right around the corner. I can hardly wait for the crisp autumn air and changing leaves so I can wear our latest looks for fall. This season, it’s all about beautiful jewel tones—like Vivid Teal, Black Cherry, and Amethyst—along with pretty paisley prints, cozy plaid flannel, and buttery-soft faux suede.

A gorgeous, easy-care faux suede top, like our Touch of Suede Boucle Top by National®, is the perfect way to add texture to any ensemble. Our faux suede is soft, supple, and completely machine washable.

This dress goes from day to evening with ease.

With its flattering princess seams our elegant Paisley Knit Dress by National® is a timeless classic that you can wear anywhere.

Perfect with a scarf or necklace.

Soft faux suede fabric makes this Faux Suede Blouse by National® an essential for fall.

You’ll love this classic shirt dress in soft, comfy 100% cotton flannel.

Our Mad for Plaid Flannel Dress by National®, which is brushed back for extra softness, is both comfortable and stylish.

What fall piece are you looking for this season to welcome those crisp days ahead?

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My Favorite Fall Trends and Why I Want Fall To Get Here Fast

Although we have plenty of hot summer days left to go here in the South, fall will be here sooner than you think. This is the time of year when I start to get tired of wearing my summer clothes, and I start yearning to wear my fall clothes again. I love wearing layers, so there is nothing I like more than the arrival of sweater weather and being able to slip on a comfy pair of jeans with a cute cardigan or jacket over a cozy flannel or UltraSofts® shirt. I especially love the rich jewel tones of fall, like Vivid Teal and Black Cherry.

In preparation for fall, here are a few of my favorite fall trends from our New Arrivals. Consider adding one or more of these fall essentials to your wardrobe:

  • Bell Sleeves and Denim (this is two hot trends in one which makes this a “must have”)
    Denim dress with bell sleeves, is a stylish win, win!

    Embroidered Bell Sleeve Dress by National®


  • Stripes
    Flattering on any figure.

    Stripe Knit Top by UltraSofts®


  • Vivid Teal, one of the season’s hottest colors

    Hidden pocket on inside is perfect for your wallet or phone.

    5-Pocket Stretch Twill Jacket by National®

  • Black Cherry, the other color you’ll be seeing a lot of
    Features a flattering inverted pleat and princess seams on the front, curved pouch pockets,

    Wear-Ever-You-Go Knit Dress by UltraSofts®


  • And of course, florals
    Bold floral print that matches with our new honey and teal fall hues.

    Floral Print Top by UltraSofts®

    What’s your favorite look for fall? Share it with us!

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Favorite Color Combos Made to Pop

Time to talk new colors! We’re excited to introduce you to two new bold shades that are perfect for transitioning into fall.

UltraSofts Embroidered Henley-Tomato

UltraSofts Embroidered Henley

Make a statement in Tomato
In the color spectrum, red is associated with energy, power, passion, and love, but in fashion, it’s the ultimate bold statement. Whether it’s an embroidered henley or a printed tee this striking color makes everything pop.

UltraSofts Floral Print Top in Tomato

UltraSofts Floral Print Top

Embrace the warm, earthy Honey
Honey falls between canary and mustard, making it one of the more wearable shades on the yellow spectrum. Honey Gold is a warm, earthy shade that works perfectly for fall, complements many of the other popular colors that will be trendy this coming season and looks gorgeous in this stretch twill jacket.

Stretch Twill Jacket in Honey

Stretch Twill Jacket

These colors look great together. Also, pair them with navy for a beautiful trio! These colors encapsulate the warm, sunny styles of late summer and the orange-red tones announcing the beginnings of fall.

Get this eye-catching look for August here. Let us know which ones you are most excited about!

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Modest Bathing Suits You’ll Feel Comfortable In

Make a splash in these cute suits.
These modest bathing suits will keep you covered up and looking cute,
so you can enjoy the moment instead of worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. They offer extra coverage, so you can enjoy the warm weather without anything else on your mind. Slip into one of these chic, stylish swimsuits—and get out there!

Double-Strap Empire Swim Dress

Double-Strap Empire Swim Dress

  • Double-Strap Empire Swim Dress by Oxygen
    Seaside or poolside, this 1-piece swim dress is a warm-weather essential. An integrated empire-style dress flairs beautifully to create an eye-catching silhouette, while the allover tribal print offers a trendy vibe. And, no matter how much fun in the sun you’re having, this bathing suit stays in place, thanks to secure shoulder straps and a full-bottom brief.

    Ruched Halter Swim Dress

    Ruched Halter Swim Dress

  • Ruched Halter Swim Dress by Oxygen
    This gorgeous scatter print one-piece suit brings oceanic vibes straight to you, even if you’re just hanging poolside. The wide halter straps provide plenty of bust support and an integrated dress with full bottom underneath offer flattering coverage around the hips, so you’ll feel unencumbered. A sweetheart neckline and ruching on the sides flatter your curves without showing off too much.

    Floral Print Tankini

    Floral Print Tankini

  • Floral Print Tankini by Oxygen
    Don’t love a full-on one-piece, but don’t want to bare all in a bikini? Try out a more modest two-piece option: the tankini. This top has a built-in soft-cup bra to keep you feeling comfortable while you enjoy the warm weather. Easy to wear, just step into it and enjoy the way it flatters your figure from all angles.

    Halter Ruched Swim Dress

    Halter Ruched Swim Dress

  • Halter Ruched Swim Dress by Oxygen
    Go for an old Hollywood look with this adorable floral one-piece bathing suit. The integrated dress to full-bottom briefs keep things feeling demure while the ruching, allover pattern, and halter tie make this suit feel fun and flirty (with a little retro flair). Pair the suit with oversized sunglasses and enjoy your summer in this flirty style.

    Geo Print Tankini Top and Swim Skirt

    Geo Print Tankini Top and Swim Skirt

  • Geo Print Tankini Top and Swim Skirt
    Soak up the sun in style with this swimwear set by Oxygen. A tankini top with a separate swim skirt provides the look of a 1-piece bathing suit but with the versatility of mixing and matching that comes from a 2 piece. The bright geometric print make this a fun and summery pick.

For these and other eye-catching styles, visit our full swimwear collection here.

Comment below which of these styles is your favorite!

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