On Saturday morning, we will put our little girl and pup on a ferry and depart together for our annual vacation to Ocracoke. This island holds such a special place in my heart. When my husband and I started dating, he invited me to join his family and we’ve gone together every year since (sometimes twice a year!)

We first took Hatton when she was just five months old. During that trip, she could barely stay awake more than an hour and a half before desperately needing another nap. We would scamper around town and race back to the house in time for her snooze. Now, our wide open one year old will get the chance to explore all the island has to offer (in 3 hours instead of 1 before needing a nap!)

This year, I committed to packing a small bag…as I always seem to take far more than I need. I am packing one sun dress, a few pairs of shorts, one pair of relaxed athletic pants, and four shirts. Below are some of my favorite options for island life this time of year!

Of these selections, which one is your go-to for the beach?

Stay sunny,



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