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This season, our product team has fallen in love with a timeless print in vibrant colors. Say hello to paisley!

Paisley prints date back to ancient Babylon in an era of ornate ceramics and metal work. The varied prints, often interpretations of intertwined flowers and vines, translated into textiles and ultimately spread worldwide through the East India Trading Company.

In the 1800s, paisley prints were most commonly found on imported shawls from Kashmir and Persia. Designs were specifically developed to reflect particular regions, thereby gaining unique terminology among different countries. For example, the French refer to paisley as “palme” while the Dutch use the word “bota.” The print derives its most common name from the massive growth of shawl production in Paisley, Scotland.

Today, the print continues to grow in popularity among all ages. Whether on a neck tie or button down for men or a tunic or skirt for women, this print brings rich history and global inspiration to the forefront of fashion. Click on the images below to shop some of this season’s interpretations of the print!

With love and color,


scarf print



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