If you’re anything like me, when Fall makes its way to your home, you reach for the same pair of go-to pants all season long. Admittedly, I am a creature of habit and my clothing choices can begin to seem like a “uniform,” especially when I am in, “working-mom-hurry-up-and-go” mode!

Typically, I split my week between my favorite pair of dark denim jeans and a cozy pair of black leggings. However, this season I am committed to branching out and adding some pizazz to my pants collection! Carrying forward inspired florals and jewel tones, ShopNational carries an array of embroidered, printed and detailed pants for the fall season. Whether you prefer delicate pastel flowers or a bold plaid print, we have quite a few options for you to consider. Not ready to fully branch out? Opt for our solid color Lattice Pants with cuff detail. All pair easily with a solid color top or button down blouse – still affording simplicity and ease when getting ready for the day!

Fall Blossoms Embroidered Jeans

Menswear Plaid Pants

Embroidered Jeans

Lattice Detail Pants


Which pair is your favorite? Share your pick in the comment section below!


Happy fall,



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