Today, I am buried beneath laundry from 9 days away. We traveled to Ocracoke Island with my husband’s family and then met up with my family in Bath, NC to celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday! We enjoyed every second of our galavants, but the unpacking reminded me how thankful I was for this year’s intentional “light packing” efforts!

Especially in warmer months, I find it easier to prepare for a week away with minimal outfits. When preparing for our trip, I laid out a few shorts and shirts, all in neutral colors, and added in two pops of color to complete the wardrobe. With just a few pieces, I managed to create multiple outfits for our time away and keep my laundry to a minimum!

Below are a few pieces I keep on hand for weekend getaways. Easy layers, comfortable fabrications and solid colors – check!

How do you pack up for time away? Share your tips with me in the comment section below. Are you adventuring anywhere exciting this summer?

To getaways,


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