On Monday, I shared my favorite travel accessories with you. Today, it’s time to dig into the details of packing light! When it comes to long trips or weekend getaways, I approach packing up the same way. Here are my five steps to packing up for your next getaway!

  1. Select a carry-on bag with wheels and side pockets for organization. Especially when traveling long distances, a bag with wheels is critical for maximum storage space with minimal impact to your energy. I carry a Victorinox bag that is lightweight and durable – it’s carried me through almost 10 years of travel!
  2. Choose monochromatic colors for your getaway wardrobe. Choosing colors in a similar palette allows you to mix and match with ease and create multiple outfits from a few pieces of clothing. I typically opt for black or denim bottoms and white tops with pops of color.
  3. Minimize weight with a few accessories that coordinate with ease. One pair of gold and one pair of silver – no need to clutter a suitcase with more!
  4. Opt for less with one day shoe option (preferably a walker) and one dress shoe option. Depending on weather, I pack a durable walking shoe for daytime activities and a dressy sandal or heel for dinners out. By choosing natural skin toned shoes, I can easily match the varied outfits selected for our adventures!
  5. Skip the toiletries – find them in the hotel (or buy them on site!) Let’s be honest. Almost every hotel has free shampoo and conditioner upon arrival. Avoid the mess of liquids and opt for hotel finds or buy your own upon arrival. If you love your brand of products (and there are a few I simply cannot live with out), purchase travel size storage containers that lock tightly.

Click on the images below to shop my favorite finds for weekend travel. Where are you planning on venturing this fall? Share your travel destinations with me and post photos of your adventures to Facebook!




interlock pants

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