On Monday, I shared a few of my “goal guidelines” in preparation for the New Year. Well today, I offer you one more piece of advice: ditch the resolutions.

Yep, you heard me. Trash ’em.

87% of people make resolutions to start the New Year. Of those “I’m gonna make this happen” folks, 50% fail before the end of JanuarySo where’s the breakdown? When we develop a list of resolutions, especially those centered on “I will no longer do this and I will only do this,” our minds and hearts are fragmented and our focus is disjointed. I started to recognize this in my own life in 2012 and committed to a shift in my goal pursuit that was sustainable (instead of exhausting!)

In 2013, I began the practice of identifying ONE word. Not a phrase. Not an idea. Not a hard and fast rule. Just…a word. For the entire year, that word was my focus. That word supported my choices. That word served as a reminder in difficult times. In a challenging year full of transition and unexpected hardship, my word was surrender. (Keep in mind, I didn’t know what was coming around the corner). With the word surrender imprinted on my heart, I walked through each month released from the weight of trying to maintain control and energized by the provision around me. In 2014, my word was believe. And oh my goodness…how I do believe! This has been a year of joyous changes, deeply planted roots, and unexpected blessings. In the midst of the joyful times, we again experienced some unexpected mountains…and I clung tightly to belief.

Written by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page, One Word that will Change Your Life is a powerful resource that offers guidance and processes in making room for your own word. To keep from spoiling the fun, I encourage you to grab a copy of the book and dive into your own discovery adventure! In honor of the tremendous year behind and the possibilities ahead, let’s spend the first two weeks of January exploring what your word could be. Check back right here on January 12th to find out mine! In the meantime, share your journey at muumuu@shopnational.com.

Cheers to a bright and beautiful 2015!






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