As we approach the end of 2015, I’m taking some time today to reflect on the impact of One Word, a process I walk through each year to land on my annual intention. The origin of this shift came from consistent frustration surrounding “New Years resolutions.”

As a natural goal setter, resolutions seemed like a natural process. So, each year I would set them. And each year I failed to achieve them. What started as an inspiring journey often transitioned into more work within the first few months of the year. Upon learning of my anxt on the topic, my brother-in-law gifted our entire family with a book: One Word that Will Change Your Life. For the last few years, I’ve ditched the laundry list of resolutions and traded up – for one word!

2015 was intended to be the year of simplicity. Interestingly enough, this year was one of the most complex and challenging I can remember. So, does that mean 2015’s “One Word” fail? To the contrary, my friends. In the throws of life shifts, unexpected events, and all the things in between, resting in the idea of simplicity altered my perspective and allowed me to believe in the practice of simplicity. For example, when an unexpected knee surgery came up towards the end of the year, I chose to shave down my schedule significantly. It became clear, pretty quickly, that the various commitments I had needed to decrease, thereby giving me time and space to heal properly. To simplify my work life, I found coworking space near my home that now allows me to free up space in my home and “declutter” what was once a paper-filled office! I am grateful to have a separate space for work that is outside of the refuge I call home!

If you’re ready to take steps towards identifying your “One Word” for 2016, grab a copy of the book and get started!


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