Happy New Year, friends! Our family has retired our filled-to-the-brim SUV, unpacked the last suitcase, and settled back home after a week with family. On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, I spent some time alone reflecting on the year ahead and my favorite process – discovering my “one word.”

The last few years, I have relished this practice and enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on previous years and determine a general focus for the year ahead. In order, my one word has been:

2015: Surrender

2016: Believe

2017: Renew

2018: Flourish

In a few weeks, we will celebrate our second anniversary of life in Wilmington. In our time here, we’ve experienced job changes, a new house, a new (and our first) little one, and new friendships. This year, I sense a call to slow down – to soak in the goodness of our community, experience the joy of life on the water, and develop roots in the place we call home. As I am a person who operates at full speed, this word encourages me to pause and be still.

How do you approach the New Year? Have you developed a list of goals, or do you settle into one word? Share with me in the comment section below!

Cheers to a slow and beautiful new year,


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