2016. It is a year that tested my physical strength, exhausted our emotional health, and drained our spiritual wellbeing. This year was hard. And, at the same time, it was absolutely beautiful.

Yesterday morning, I thought I’d landed on my one word for 2017. It was a word that made sense – logically – for all that’s ahead. However, I’d not taken time to walk through the One Word process or be still long enough to really identify my personal goals for 2017.

This morning, I stopped my normal routine, poured some coffee, and plopped on my couch with pen and paper…and my little bump. The three step process encourages the reader to 1) prepare your heart, 2) discover your word and 3) live your word. (Par for the course, I’d jumped straight to living). In step one, there are three questions to consider:

  1. What do I need this year?
  2. What is in my way?
  3. What needs to go?

It wasn’t until the third question that the boatload of bricks I’d waited on finally dropped. By the end of 2016, my heart was hardened and my energy drained. I needed to say goodbye to regret and doubt and welcome in the newness and redemption that comes sometimes with a new calendar, but more often with grace.

2017 is the year of all things newMy one word for all that’s ahead: renew.

Without question, this year will be chaotic. As we meet our first child and transition into a season of change, renewal seems hard to capture. However, it’s the one word that removes the work from transition and, instead, inspires acceptance.

2017 – I am so ready. Let’s do this.

Happy New Year,

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