Having confidence in your clothes is a big deal. Thank goodness we no longer live in a time of 16th-century corsets and the types of fabric in classic shapewear that promote the loss of breath! We have come a long way baby!

Modern shapewear has been redefined and is created from some of the most advanced materials available. Did I say thank goodness yet? We can expect the construction of modern movement shapewear to be breathable, flexible, and made with durable fabrics. Bring on the wicking and cooling shapewear, I say! These days, it is for the safety of all living creatures, in my world, that I stay as cool and comfy as possible. Just saying… (wink)

I am a big fan of modern shapewear targeting areas I wish to promote less, and “gathers” me more, so I can have confidence in my dresses, jeans, leggings, pants, and tops. I am thrilled to talk about the sophistication of shapewear from National.

For fall fashion 2019, I want to rely on soft, modern, even with a bit of cotton shapewear that hugs and supports me; so, I can walk the catwalk [in my mind] all day. With fall dresses by National I can be comfortable and feel the oh-so-soft fabrics I love. Modernized shapewear enhances my dress outfits with ease.

Celebrate National Shapewear Day tomorrow, August 10, 2019. Why not join me in a little fall shopping for comfortable and affordable shapewear by National? I for one, will be on their webpage bright and early. 😊 Release your inner bomb-body ladies and celebrate the movement!

National Shapewear Day with Shop National

Shop the Cool Shapewear @ Shop National


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