Discover the joy of feeling comfort and the comfort that joy brings! I for one am over-JOYED this season with the influx of all things warm and cozy. Don’t you just love all of the style options and textures available this fall and winter? Giving the Gift of Comfort and Joy this holiday equates to truly taking personal responsibility to choose joy in so many ways. Don’t you agree at a time when there are many intense decisions being made for our society at-large, it’s refreshing to focus on the innate pleasure of gift giving? I am thrilled to compose a collection of comfortable style options for the ones you love. At National, we pride ourselves on providing friends like you with loads of comfort. Imagine your loved one getting cozy in a warm Cuddl Duds® Fleece Tunic ( Nothing says “snuggle up” better than this loose fitting top with comfortable thumbholes, long side slits, and a practical front pocket.


Made from snuggly, easy-care fleece with a touch of spandex for stretch, this Cuddl Duds® Fleece Tunic is irresistibly soft and comfy.

Snuggle up in our Fleece Tunic and stay warm all season.

This week Parker inspired us to add Velour to our comfy wardrobe, so, you must pair this tunic with Plush Velour Pants from Cuddl Duds® ( These dreamy pants offer a relaxed fit and wide waistband for endless lounging possibilities!

Enjoy your downtime in these soft-to-the-touch Plush Velour Pants by Cuddl Duds®.

Lounge all day in complete softness wearing Plush Velour Pants.

I must add the 3-pack Cozy Lounge Socks by Cuddl Duds® ( for happy, toasty toes and, fuzziness overload for sure.

When the temperature drops outside, make sure your toes stay toasty warm with this 3-Pack Cozy Lounge Socks by Cuddl Duds®.

Feel warm and cushy with Cozy Lounge Socks.

This collection would not be complete without the ultimate gift of luxury in comfort. The Luxe Velveteen Lounge Jacket ( will allow one to press pause and take the time to discover joy every moment of the day.

Relax in luxurious style with this Luxe Velveteen Lounge Jacket.

Drape yourself in the perfect silhouette with the Luxe Velveteen Lounge Jacket.

I tell you what, all this talk of comfort is making me want to burrow with a book by the fire, sip on a warm drink and nibble on a sweet treat! How about you? Ladies, there are infinite ways to cuddle this season; let National be your ONLY style destination for giving the gift of comfort and joy!

Happy Nuzzling,



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