Oh and it is! A soft lounger, a lightweight caftan, a printed muumuu….they all beckon for a cup of coffee and a good book.

When it comes to comfort, I’m pretty particular. I reach for my lightweight, long sleeve top for a morning walk with Jasper. I’m rapidly rifling for my caftan by the time I’m through a workday. And at night…oh my. I have very specific sleeping preferences – right down to my pajama selection and air conditioning temperature. (Allegedly, I have such a regimented approach to sleeping that, when disrupted from my routine, I get “crazy eyes.” The term is now a permanent nickname, given to me by my thoughtful sister, Lanier, with whom I shared a room during our blissful years of childhood).

To cover you from morning ’til night, I’m sharing with you my curated cozies: my can’t-live-without pieces for that ideal Saturday. (Click on the images below for more information!)


Good morning.

long sleeveSkort


Grab that walking skirt and long sleeve shirt for a crisp jaunt around the neighborhood. 


Time to read…or write…or coffee! 


Enjoy your afternoon in our new printed caftan – the natural choice for a Saturday in Spring.


Brew your sleepy time tea, and relax.

pj set

This lightweight cotton blend is the ideal weight for springtime sleep. 


With sun soaked afternoons and cool evening breezes on tap in the Carolinas this week, it’s finally time to enjoy the outdoors. What are your favorite pieces for coffee talk on the front porch?

Check back next week for more details on my favorite pajamas, plus my five-step sleep time routine! Until then, happy lounging my friend!


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