So, what qualifies as a Muumuu in your book? Typically, we consider our lounge dresses and caftans to be the perfect option for a relaxed and free-to-move look. Today, it’s possible to achieve that same level of comfort and motion in pants and tops – so long as you have just the right fabrication and fit. Our National team has worked feverishly to bring that to your closet in our newest line of web only exclusive product!

Over the next two weeks, I will introduce you to the particulars behind these pieces! Today, we’ll start with two of our most versatile options: Cable & Gauge’s zip front hoodie and wide leg pant.

Perfect for:

  • an extra (and light) layer of warmth
  • comfortable travel gear
  • a casual park walk or morning track time
  • breakfast with a neighbor

Pair with:

Walk on:

zip front hoodie                         pant

Check back next week for more details on my favorite track suit. Until then, wherever your leisure may take you, get there in comfort and style!

Cheers to Monday,

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