It’s fall y’all! (Have I not said that enough already? Well….I’m saying it again – in case you missed it!) Shorts are out. Boots are in. Hats are back and we’re happier than ever!

My mother, Lynda, and I are thrilled to announce a new brand partnership with another woman owned, North Carolina company. Introducing Simply Noelle! Simply Noelle creates flattering silhouettes in easy-to-care-for fabric, idyllic for layering and loving every part of fall. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of National’s selections with you and include styling tips for each new product.

Today, Mom and I have selected the V-Neck zip tunic, a buttery soft shirt that can be worn open as a cardigan or zipped as a shirt. With loose sleeves and beautiful drape, pair it with a short or long sleeve shirt or wear with a lace camisole for a dressed up look. Now, let’s talk pants. You guys – the slim fit chino pants feel more like pajama bottoms than leggings. Couple the chinos with slim fit boots or ballet flats, and you’re set for the day! (Treat yourself to a pair and consider it your early Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas gift. Trust me – they will get you through every holiday celebration)!

Cheers to fall,





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