It’s Christmas Eve, one of my favorite days of the year. In our family, Christmas lasts all. week. long.  As a child, I remember scurrying through the house with great anticipation of the days to follow. It began with a spectacular Christmas Eve dinner, hosted my grandparents and was followed by a candlelit church service, more food, gift exchanges, and late night viewings of “A Christmas Story.”

Today, many of those traditions have changed. Though my grandparents are no longer here, we continue to value family tradition and honor them by creating new traditions! Both my sister and I are married, so to make room for more families and new traditions, we spent Thanksgiving with the Swanns (and will share Christmas with our in-laws!)  While I might miss out on matching pajamas and Christmas movies with my sister tonight, I cherish the newness of this season with the moments we shared in November.

So, what’s the best memory of our Christmas together? Without question, celebrating National in the Blowing Rock Christmas Parade! Our entire family piled in the car for an incredible celebration of family, friends, and tradition. In true southern fashion, we “Christmased” our jeep, prepared gifts for the parade spectators, and buckled in for holiday cheer! It was an afternoon to remember.

Join us next year for what will most certainly become a new Swann family tradition!

From our hearts to yours, Merry Christmas!

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