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It’s finally here.

This is the season for which our family waits…each year. It’s time for March Madness. As you can clearly see from our family photos, the University of North Carolina holds the heart of every Smith/Swann/Wilson/Hodgson. We build family reunions around major match ups and avoid booking vacation during the month of March as a whole – unless, of course, it’s to see our Heels. While this phenomenon swept the country long ago, what really started it?

On March 27th, 1939 the University of Oregon defeated Ohio State University in the first ever men’s basketball National Championship. This game would be the culmination of what’s now known as “The Final Four.” For the first 12 years of the tournament, only 8 teams were invited to participate. Today, 65 times are offered a bid and, week by week, the number whittles down to the Final Four – each team serving as the Champion of its specific region.

Close to 80 years later, the road to the National Championship remains closely watched during the month of March (and a major inhibitor of productivity at work!) During the first week of the tournament, research suggests worldwide employers lose $1.2 billion of productivity per hour of “bracketology” that occurs during work. I suppose that’s one big reason my grandfather only installed one TV in the entire building…in the break room!

This year, we will wait with baited breath as we watch the Tar Heels (more than likely) fight their way through the brackets. Who do you have going to the highly anticipated final game?


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