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In college, I landed in the friendship honeypot. There we were – same age, same goals, same location. We were 600+ girls all living in one gigantic building. Developing friendships didn’t take much effort. I basically had to wake up and go to class. (Ok yes, sometimes that took effort….but hey – I did it!)

Making community as an adult is far from easy. The complexities of life seem to increase – more work, lots of family, obligations at home, and the same number of hours per day. When I moved to Wilmington, I left behind a community of incredible women in Charleston, SC. I was a new mom with no friends in town. My husband had a new job and was logging pretty intense hours learning the ropes of the Company. With a colicky baby and the demands of my own career pressing in, I knew my heart needed community – and quickly.

In November of 2017, I attended a networking event in Wilmington. I stood in the corner, trying to muster up courage to meet a new friend. I stayed in that corner for a while until finally, my husband – with some sixth sense – sent me a text that said “just go say hello.” And the rest is history.

Melissa Tyson, the beauty in the yellow dress, was one of the first individuals I met that fateful night. In the last two years, she has introduced me to countless women. I’ve developed friendships with women in my same industry, brand new moms, moms-in-waiting, working moms, creatives and more. Each woman contributes to my life in a profound way, speaking truth into a particular place in which I desperately need support and encouraging an element of my life that would otherwise suffer. I’ve found that while it is difficult to make community in the waves of life’s seasonality, we all share a common need: relationships.

All it took was one event – and a dose of vulnerability. I told Melissa a smidge of my story and asked for her help. One ask, and her willing yes. That is where community begins – within the boldness of a request and the courage to answer.

If you are searching for friendship in a tough season, I encourage you to sit in a coffee shop or walk through a grocery store – and seek a friend. Just say hello….and see what happens next.


With love,


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