From my earliest days at National, I can remember visiting certain designers and showrooms in New York. The most vivid and poignant memory I have was from a showroom tour of Shadowline – nearly twenty years ago. I had the privilege of meeting designers, marketing managers, and other team members of this longstanding company.
To my then young eyes, the showroom was akin to what I imagined a bridal store might be – elegant and perfectly appointed with interior decor. The designs we perused during that trip have remained core staples of Shadowline and top sellers at National. For as long as I can remember, this brand has been one of the most requested in lounge and sleepwear.
Below are a few pieces I’ve chosen to bring color and beauty to lounging. Who says you can’t look regal while sipping coffee and reading the paper? With clean lines and detailed embroidery, each piece is carefully crafted and beyond comfortable.
Do you have a favorite piece from Shadowline? Share your go-to in the comment section below.

Petals Short Sleeve Nightgown by Shadowline®

Petals Short Sleeve Pajamas by

Petals Short Sleeve Long Nightgown by

Petals Long Sleeve Nightgown by

To lovely lounging,

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