We’re on day 2 of rain here in Wilmington, and I do not see a change in the forecast anytime soon. But as I stare out of the window at the gloomy sky, my eyes stop on the beautiful yellow tulips my husband brought home a few days ago. His kind gesture reminds me of my childhood.


No matter the day, season or occasion – fresh cut flowers graced our home every single week. Even when my mom was first married and working multiple jobs, she managed to squeeze in a few buds to keep her home bright and cheerful. When I got married during graduate school, I tried to do the same (not perfectly of course – her arrangements are always breathtaking – but enough to keep some vibrancy in our sweet and tiny first place together).


My granddad only solidified my love of flowers with his magical green thumb, beautifully evident in a large rose garden he tended himself, and several orchids he managed to grow and sustain for countless years. It seems that no matter where I looked as a child, a happy flower greeted me at every turn.


Below are a few of my favorite cost-effective arrangements to bring some joy into your home. Do you have a favorite color or flower? Share with me in the comment section below!



Queen Anne’s Lace

Enjoy the view,


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