On those crisp fall mornings of my childhood, I can still remember the pleasant alarm clock of sizzling bacon and eggs making its way into my bedroom. I would throw on my plushy slippers and make my way downstairs to find my mother sipping her coffee and enjoying a slow morning in her cozy robe.

Here I am, two decades later, with my own daughter and my own plushy robe…sipping coffee and prepping bottles for the day. I somehow associate that robe with adulthood…as if I’ve arrived, and I now get my very own “mom uniform.” Last year, I purchased a fleece tie robe from ShopNational.com and have essentially¬†lived¬†in it during these first few months of Hatton’s life. Now in search of something a bit more “mailbox run” suitable, I am perusing new arrivals and our most popular items from a great selection of cozy robes!

Click on the images below to see some of my favorites. Which one would you pick?


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