This time of year is, of course, my favorite. Vibrant colors illuminate the roadways. The temperatures lower and the breeze sets in. And when I step outside, I hear a family’s laughter and smell an outdoor grill preparing a delicious meal. Dear friends, welcome to fall in the Carolinas.

On Saturday afternoon, during our daughter’s nap, we lit a fire in our outdoor fireplace and snuggled up with a book. Somewhere in between the cool breeze and the crackling fire, I considered a brief life change to a city where this season occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.¬†Then I realized North Carolina is the closest thing to perfect, because we have the gift of four distinct seasons.

The key to really enjoying this time of year? Spend time outside! I’ve selected a few of my favorite pieces to take you from a cozy afternoon indoors to a lounge filled afternoon on the back porch.¬†Click on the images to read more about my favorite “lazy Saturday” options. Which one is your favorite?

Stay cozy,


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