A few weeks ago, I shared some tips and tricks on adding ambiance and detail to your home – without breaking the bank. In short, I’ve tried all kinds of things in our new home. From fresh coats of paint to accent rugs, brightly colored pillows to muted throws, the slightest addition of color or texture can shift the look and feel of a room with ease.

Are you still in search of a dramatic change in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom? While this change can require a bit more technical help (read: installation) and sometimes a higher financial investment, I find new lighting makes the biggest impact in any room. See a few of my favorite styles and suggested uses below!


Farmhouse Dining Room

I love texture, so for our farmhouse style kitchen, I chose a square wooden pendant to go over our rusting painter’s dining table. Normally, this is the most expensive lighting addition in a home, simply given the size required for a dining room or large living area. You can find a similar pendant for less than $200.00 at most home stores. Make sure to dig around online for fantastic deals!



Sparkling Bedroom

I learned this trick from my sister! In her guest bedroom, she added a small chandelier above the bed in place of a standard pendant fixture. Small in size but glowing in sparkle, it brings a simple elegance and sophistication to the overall look of the room.



Five Star Kitchen

Kitchen lighting – swoon. This is not an addition I’ve made quite yet, but one I’m saving for over time. Consider small glass bulbs (two to three in a row, depending on the kitchen or island size) or my personal favorite: copper. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it sure deserves sprucing!


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