I can’t say it enough – I love this season! Pumpkin spice lattes, knee high boots, and cozy sweaters. Ok – given that it’s still 80 degrees in the Carolinas, perhaps I’m jumping ahead of myself. But a view of my closet says differently…

Our weather shifts quickly during this time of year. I can walk Jasper in an early morning chill and wake up the next day to blazing sun. With such inconsistent weather patterns (until “real” fall comes in early November), I rely on layers to truly enjoy the outdoors. Today, I’m giving you my quick tips to lovely layers.



Get snug. Start with form fitting base layers, like a cotton blend t-shirt or camisole. With a snug start, you can layer with ease!



Go light. Choose clothing that is lightweight. For example, this cardigan offers the right layer of warmth without weighing you down. And if you still need more warmth, you can add a jacket (without overheating).



Get loose. Choose outer pieces with some room. A draping ruana or beautiful infinity scarf can provide another layer (and some extra fabric for cuddling up when needed!)



Grab extra. If you’re still unsure about the weather, grab extra! A raincoat plus a thicker scarf make for the right combination in any weather.


In this beautiful time of transition, prepare for the elements with plenty of layers (and a warm cup of seasonal cider).  Happy Fall, my friends!


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