For the Love of Lexington, edition 3! Today, a stroll down Main Street and a view of our town’s quaint, southern charm.



With a population of approximately 20,000 people, Lexington is the county seat of Davidson County. Our quaint “city” was named after Lexington, Massachusetts upon its settlement in 1775. In 1838, Lexington opened the country’s first silver mine, appropriately called Silver Hill Mine. Since then furniture and textile mills have lined the streets of Lexington, developing its economy and shaping its culture.

The town has its own unique appeal. In southern character, quintessential community, and beautiful architecture. There are no parking meters, no credit card machines for large decks, no traffic jams. Instead, we have FREE parking, plentiful amounts of local farmers markets, long standing family owned restaurants, familiar hardware stores, and friendly neighbors to lend a hand.




The town’s streets are lined with looming, iron telephone poles – reminiscent of the 1940s. The surrounding shops boast awnings and sidewalk seating, creating a plethora of people watching spots.  The historic County Courthouse anchors Main Street and Center Street, at the very heart of Lexington.

At the end of Main Street, our historic buildings sit on acres of land, allowing North Carolina’s towering pines, oaks, and other trees to deepen their roots along the steps of our libraries and museums.








While America’s industries shaped this town and its southern charm, the town has shaped a community of connected individuals, committed to selflessness, compassion, integrity, and loyalty. Far from typical suburbia, Lexington has its own character, tradition, and history…one I hope you will come and experience for yourself!

Love from Lexington,


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