Ok, ladies. Let’s get down to business.

Let’s talk legs.

National started more than sixty years ago with one product: hosiery. Then and now, it holds a special place in a closet! Once considered a fashion statement and “nice-to-have,” we’ve learned the critical importance of this outfit addition, outside of a fashion statement or added warmth.

We leave them to the sun in the Summer. We cover them up with layers in the Winter. And all the while, we ignore a fundamental part of healthy legs: circulation! So, how can we love up our legs in every season?

Here are a few of my must-have “leg lovers!”


Wide Calf Therapeutic Support Knee High: Support circulation, and maintain comfort. These knee highs are a lightweight yet durable option for all day support and comfort!




Therapeutic Support Thigh High: Circulation overhaul, top to bottom. If you need a little extra pep in your step, choose our thigh high option for added compression.

thigh high



Therapeutic Support Socks: A little extra love, where you need it most. Great circulation starts in our feet and calves. Our therapeutic support socks provide just enough compression for a walk around town or a long plane flight.




If you’ve never tried compression hosiery or socks, don’t let me convince you. Ask your legs! One week in compression socks will offer you improved circulation and more energy. Give your legs some love. I promise, they’ll thank you!

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