Real talk: We spent the weekend in an attempt to potty train our baby girl. The weekend was filled with legos, building blocks, and plenty of cleaning. Whew! Potty training is not for the faint of heart. (But I have to say, that little bare bum sure is adorable).

Because we spent most of the weekend lounging, I spent all of it in easy-to-wear clothing that could transition from the couch to a scurry towards a potty in no time flat. My favorite silhouette for a relaxing weekend at home? A dress!

While you may not be in potty training mode this week, I am certain a component of your summer weekend will include lounging. In preparation for continued days of sunshine and summer schedules, I have selected a few options for comfortable and stylish lounging. Whether you prefer a neutral, solid tone or a vibrant pattern, the team at ShopNational has plenty of options for your summer days!

Calypso Caftan

Long Knit Lounger

Striped Hydrangea Lounger

Keilani Floral Lounger

Happy lounging,



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