Yesterday evening, my husband called for me from the front porch and encouraged me to “hustle and get outside quickly.” At 10:00 p.m., after our daughter had been sound asleep for well over 2 hours, I could not imagine what required such immediate attention. Low and behold, several miles north of Wilmington, we spotted beautiful clouds and lightning filling the dark sky – a favorite part of summer for my husband and me. A cool breeze drifted into our neck of the woods, and we enjoyed several minutes of nature at its finest.

Here on the coast, nights like these are a common occurrence. We can lunch in a bright blue sky and see the clouds roll in from a distance before dinner. For that reason, I keep light layers hanging in my closet throughout spring and summer. Easy grab and go options to pop in my purse or stow away in my car keep me prepared for the elements – whatever they may be! Below are a few of my favorite options for this time of year. Click on the images for more product information!

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