Our most recent vacation inspired me to spend more time on the road exploring our beautiful state. The joy of North Carolina is its incredible topography, which changes with a short drive down I-40.

Tips on packing light? Choose layers! I often opt for a light tank to wear beneath a long sleeve shirt. (Click here to view my favorite layering tank!) In looking for another layer, I try to find a blended fabric that holds its shape and is flattering in any season. National’s UltraSofts collection blends natural fibers with synthetics, thereby creating clothing with colorfastness and shape. (This piece is a staple in my closet!)

In addition to layering options, I opt for solid colors. A simple color palette minimizes the amount of clothing in my suitcase and allows for multiple outfits out of just a few pieces. My go-to bottoms for a weekend away: Everyday Ponte Pants and Tapered Knit UltraSofts Pants. Both are comfortable and easy to pair with a blouse or tunic.

Last but not least, add some accessories. I am a scarf fanatic and can’t get enough of the beautiful patterns available this season. Select a poncho with beautiful drape (and warmth) or go light with an easy-to-wrap scarf!

What are some of your favorite tips for layering? Share your outfits with me in the comment section below!

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