Feel fancy, stylish, and free with lots of pep in your step. Who says we must give up style for comfort? In this day and age, styles of comfy shoes have enhanced by leaps and bounds. I used to be that gal who would look at my Nana’s shoes, and pray, “Oh lord, please don’t let me buy shoes like that when I become her age!” She complained about the styles of her time. Now that I am that ‘Nana’ (no snickering allowed), I still have a lot of pep in my step. While I admit, I’ve crossed over into the, “I have to wear more comfortable shoes” world, I also have to be chic. Ladies, am I alone here? I know you can relate.

My sentiments have been confirmed. I found this article on NPR’s e-magazine, entitled, “If The Shoe Fits: The Rise Of The Stylish Comfort Shoe”. This article gives me hope and assures me, I am still on the right path. How excited I am that National offers just what I need to keep on stepping in style. Share with me your favorite, comfortable, and stylish brands that keep you moving in your unique chic. I’d love to read about it.

As the new season approaches, I am finding great styles of shoes on National‘s website that pair well with my layered looks. Did you catch Parker’s blog this week, “Layering with Comfort“? Now you’ve been styled with great suggestions from head to toe.

While it is true, time stands still for no one, I am a firm believer; my Nana would be proud I didn’t conform to frumpy feet, but rather cute, timeless toes. Here are some fabulous finds to get you to the starting line – GO shopping ladies!

Juliet Lora Loafer

Parre Leather Slip-Ons
Spring Step®

Elite Crown Hand-Painted Braided Sandals

Petrana Boots by Patrizia
Spring Step®

Step with Style,


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