Quality, casual shoes will carry you farther than you think you can go. Recently, we traveled back to New York City. I told my husband, “this time we will do more walking”. He gave me one of those husband looks, kind of from the side which implied, “Yeah, sure dear, of course we will.” I’ve become so spoiled living in the South. I jump in and out of my car so leisurely, that the thought of going home and walking, getting on the bus or train, simply speaks, “NO WAY” to my feet.

As with my love for poetry, last weekend I was reading Remembering by Wendall Berry. The New York Times has dubbed him, ‘The Prophet of Rural America’. I fell in love with one of his quotes – It reads, “There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot.” In that, I rediscovered, through hardship and triumph comes the gift of slowing my stroll, investing in my own comfort; which for me requires answering the cries of my toes! Please tell me I am not alone ladies.

I decided, perhaps much like yourself, to be more kind to the very part of my body that will carry me for many more decades (this is the plan, ya know?!). As always, I didn’t have to go far to find the perfect shoe collection. Here are a few of my favs for a more comfortable, cozy, light, and cushy step (with style – we won’t forgo style).

Traveltime Walkers
Easy Spirit®

Eliana Clogs
Easy Spirit®

Sillian Bella Mary Janes

Here’s to your own Happy Feet,


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